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Barclay Littlewood

Founder of Business Bliss

Student of Life
Business Mentor

Founded AcademicAnswers & UKEssays.com


In July, Barclay Littlewood embarked on an ambitious endeavour, launching a website aimed at assisting undergraduate law students. As a qualified lawyer, he personally managed the website's operations and meticulously crafted model essays to provide valuable guidance.

Recognising the potential for growth and impact, November marked a significant milestone as Barclay established a company called Academic Answers. With a clear vision in mind, he assembled a dedicated team entrusted with enhancing the website's functionality and expanding its reach. Furthermore, the team embarked on a mission to recruit highly skilled and knowledgeable writers across various academic disciplines, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

Launched LawTeacher.net


The establishment of LawTeacher.net marked a pivotal moment for our company's growth. Our platform was specifically designed to provide dedicated support and expertise to students studying law in any capacity.

Since its launch, LawTeacher.net has become an essential resource for aspiring legal scholars, offering tailored assistance and valuable insights. We take pride in our role in fostering academic growth and supporting the professional aspirations of numerous students. Our platform's success has propelled our company's expansion and cemented our position as a global leader in legal education. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering students worldwide through exceptional support, guidance, and unparalleled expertise.

Got Married & Moved To US


Amidst the ebb and flow of life's currents, god guided me to the fateful encounter with person who would eventually become my life partner.

The threads of destiny intertwined as we embarked on a transformative journey, which led us to the sun-kissed shores of San Diego, where our love blossomed and we exchanged vows of eternal commitment.

With hearts entwined, we ventured forth, supporting each other in pursuit of our individual passions, while weaving a shared narrative filled with love, growth, and unyielding devotion.

Launched UKDiss.com & NursingAnswers.net


In 2018, we proudly launched two game-changing platforms, UKDiss.com and NursingAnswers.net, as a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting students and achieving our overarching business objective.

These pioneering platforms were meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled assistance, catering to the specific needs of students in the United Kingdom and aspiring nurses, respectively. With UKDiss.com, we empower students to excel in their dissertations and scholarly pursuits, while NursingAnswers.net offers specialised knowledge and comprehensive resources for aspiring nurses.

Our dedication to enriching the educational experiences of students remains unwavering as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that they have the necessary tools and guidance to thrive academically and pursue their dreams with unwavering confidence.

Started Business Bliss in Dubai


In a significant strategic move in the year 2022, our holding company found a new home in the dynamic city of Dubai, signalling a momentous chapter in our corporate journey.

This strategic relocation exemplified our unwavering commitment to assisting our valued clientele worldwide, as we continue to forge ahead on the path of academic excellence.

Dubai, renowned as a thriving hub of commerce and innovation, provided an ideal environment to foster our company's growth and further solidify our position as a global leader in our industry.  

Launch Humanity University


Humanity University is a visionary institution aimed at fostering education and empowering individuals worldwide. This extraordinary endeavor introduced a transformative approach to learning, offering a free online school that transcended barriers and provided accessible education to all. At the heart of our mission was the unwavering commitment to inclusivity and compassion, as we recognized the profound impact that education has on individuals and communities. As part of our dedication to creating a positive ripple effect, we also embarked on a series of giveaways, extending support to those in need, ensuring that they had the necessary resources and tools to embark on their educational journey. Through Humanity University, we aspired to ignite a spark of knowledge, uplift lives, and build a brighter future for humanity as a whole.

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