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Ensuring Staff Happiness

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read

Of course any business is nothing if not a collection of people. Therefore ensuring staff happiness is really an important and enjoyable part of business.

I’ve done a lot of consultant work in my time, and its always the same – ensuring staff happiness makes a business great!

I’m going to use my essay business as an example.

In our business there are two main parts of our team, the in house staff and the writers.

What we are always trying to do is foster better relationships between the company and the team. Work of course should be an enjoyable part of life for everyone.

It’s really satisfying if you can have a business which is a good part of someone’s life and helps them to improve personally and technically.

We’ve got a good social side to work which is enjoyed by most and goes quite a way to ensuring staff happiness. The team go out together and socialise outside of work.

I like to keep the company like a family.That of course doesn’t mean we aren’t professional and always striving for the very best, but we are relaxed too in our approach.

Over the years we’ve learned that a too kind and loving approach really doesn’t work. Some members of the team turned selfish and expectant, the relationship became paternal rather than one of equality. So I guess really, a good relationship and ensuring staff happiness is more like a marriage!

Today we give a lot to our team, but we expect a lot back too. It’s a case of mutual respect and kindness. That keeps the relationship balanced, and both parties have a role to play.

Sure there are always going to be issues and disagreements but we always try and settle them with a cup of tea, remembering that ultimately we are on the same side.

Certainly at times, you do have to make tough decisions to ensure the survival of your business. Here you need to do your best to handle the people involved kindly and respectfully.

You have to let people know when they aren’t making the grade of course. Ensuring staff happiness means being honest to help people improve. You find there’s only two sorts here, one is the type that points fingers and doesn’t take it well, the other is the type that takes it on board constructively, and blames no one but themselves. The former never improves, the latter always does.

You want people to be internally motivated to do well. For this reason, I don’t advocate performance bonuses, they cause more headaches than they are worth. They too can create an atmosphere where people don’t want to do something unless they are being incentivised. And no matter what you incentivise in business you discourage something else. We do share profits however, because after all your team earned them!

When I came into business I wanted to be the best, make a living and give people a good place to work. I never wanted to make enemies. Regrettably however, no matter how hard you try, some people are always going to make an enemy out of you. There’s no need to reciprocate however. All you can do is be as fair and respectful as you make those tough decisions. Ultimately how people react is then down to them and between them and God, as your behaviour and treatment of others is too.

If you know in your heart that your focus is and always will be ensuring staff happiness, than that’s all you can do.

Thanks for reading about ensuring staff happiness and may God Bless you in your efforts!

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read