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Preaching Reality

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read

All around us, we see pain and suffering in this world. And we feel it within too, all too often.

What is the answer?

Love and righteousness.

Always, the root cause of this pain and suffering, this hate, comes from us devaluing other human beings. Sometimes perhaps that is because we have been devalued so much in the past. Somehow we can lose our way and see others as worthy of attack, inferior to us, fair game, beyond or not worthy of our love and righteousness. We have many reasons, it’s always “because, because, because”. Colour of their skin? Nationally? Role in society? Personality? What they did? Religion? Difference of opinion?

This is easy to spot. In the end, it comes from the Devil, and we, all of us, are open to his influence. Those that don’t know the Devil exists, even more so. It doesn’t matter how much prayer you’ve done, how much meditation, how much you read the Bible or Quran. In the end, you can spot the Devil within. It’s always about destruction and harm, even in the name or guise of ‘good’ or ‘justice’.

All of us must guard ourselves against this, and as I will come to, God is only only true defence.

It can be on a large scale of course, wars under the guise of the protection of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ which are really ploys to destabilise governments and exploit minerals and oils from overseas territories by the ultra wealthy that really control politics and our armies. Revenge attacks to destroy ‘evil Westerners.’ Wars on Islam, by other Islamic sects and others or wars on Christianity or New Age Spirituality. Wars on a certain ethnicity of people. Wars with actions, or words. Racial hatred, religious hatred, political hatred, national hatred.

From that moment each of us was born, each the same as the next, we have in our time as a human race invented and devised lot of ways and reasons to hate. A whole lot of differences abound. Yet it is really so simple. There are no real differences. All differences exist only on the scope of the very limited human mind. In God’s eyes, there are No Muslims, no Christians, no Americans, Germans, French, no blacks or whites, police or soldiers, protesters or prisoners – just human beings, just his children, a product of this creation.

Of course, all of these ways to hate are in one way sickening. A vile attempt by human beings to devalue or subjugate others to their ways or actions, acts of exploitation or revenge in order to gain some peace and feeling of well being inside. Yet being sickened can soon lead to evil within as well. That sick feeling we get, when we see hate, is better to be used as a reminder to be love, to be righteousness – to all and one. Nothing else is the way.

All human beings, however much they may seem lost, need that love, need righteousness. It’s hard to like all other people, even impossible, but we can give them that love and righteousness. Ultimately, that means just a little love and respect for all as your brother and sister, no matter how different they seem. It means don’t do anything to harm them. Just to extend a little goodwill, even only a millimetre if you can. It’s not complicated, doing it is harder of course. But a little is all you need. And real love, real righteousness, doesn’t expect to see a reaction or a change, to gain something, it is just done. Then you have done what you need to.

And also, we see this pain and suffering on a smaller scale too, which paradoxically can often effect us a lot more, because it involves our daily experiences. Our daily interactions with people, those close to us. So much about others can irk us beyond belief. Unloving ways, unkind words, aggressive, disrespectful, or un-thougthful behaviour for example. And we are guilty of it more than we know too.

How can we deal with all of this?

Well, we must first, in our own way, continue to seek love and righteousness within. To cultivate it. For me I cannot make any bones about it. I have tried many ways for many years, likely a lot more than 99% of people, and the answer is very clear. In it’s greatest and purest form, this love and righteousness comes from God. That divine energy, being, or however you think of it, that is at the source of us all. There is no thing more loving and righteous than God. His love is so tangible, so real, so powerful it is immense.

This love is open to all. As all hate comes from the brain/mind, so does his divine love. The scientific existence of it and many paths ability to produce it, is absolutely clear. You may imagine God doesn’t exist, but imaging that is all you are doing. You’re simply not using your brain in the right way. Each one of our brains has evolved to allow us to connect to God. You just need to learn how to do it. It is the doing it that matters. Books, and others can only be a guide. Then work on that connection each day, prayer, worship, meditation, yoga, reading, whatever does it for you.

When we are tested we should first call on God in that very moment. Point our minds, or brains to him. Rather than let our brains go haywire with our reactions and what we think is the best, and right and deserving way to be, we call on God.

God is a wonderful feeling of uplifting love, he will bring peace.

Then we can respond with the only way that works – to be loving and righteous. We have peace within. We shall do no harm. I would argue either one without the other is impotent. It is possible to do some horrendous things in the name of ‘being loving’ just as much as it easy to act with ‘righteous’ with coldness and harshness.

We stop being puppets to the suffering of others, we stop letting their suffering become ours and we prevent compounding our suffering and theirs further.

We can still be strong. We can still enforce consequences. We can still make choices. We can still stand up for right and wrong. But when we do, we do it with love and righteousness, out of help and support and a genuine desire to add something good into the world, in whatever small or large way we can.

Remember the Devil doesn’t want that, he wants you to hate, and attack others, and for them to do the same to you. No one wins that way, history has already shown us many times, let us wake up planet earth.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read