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What Is This World?

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read

Ultimately, the world, the Universe is a creation of a Divine Energy, something we often call God.

Now hold back if you think that’s just an opinion. A force set off this Universe and we have no idea at all what it was. We can only reasonably infer that it had some intelligence by looking at what it created. In addition this is a divine power you can experience inside, whilst alive.

First you may want to read about Divine Energy here.

More than anything else however, the world, your experience of it, all religions, are at their very highest a giant vehicle that takes you to coming to know that Divine Energy – God.

That is not an idea, a perception, or an opinion, it’s a solid, cold hard fact. Indeed it’s far more factual than anything else you can know or understand.

I know from where you are reading, it may seem like wild fantasy, and I have been there too. I’m not here to get you to agree with me or my way, but to test your assumptions and beliefs for yourself.

Each and every day, you can open your eyes and see the limitations of yourself, your own knowledge, your own experience, your own rules, your own search for fulfilment.

You can gain absolutely everything you have ever wanted, be the sort of person you’ve always wished and gain everything from the world and ultimately if that’s not put in it’s proper place, you’ll only be left wanting more.

You can work on yourself for many years, become an extremely polished character, someone that lives by the highest of morals, and still something won’t feel right.

If you don’t have God in your life, and you feel something is not quite right, or even worse, terrible, that’s because you are living a half reality and your time has come to find out the truth.

You can only trust me and others, who exist on the flip side of the coin so to speak, that this truth exists.

Then you have to go and find it of yourself.

What is this world? This world, this Universe, you, are secondary to God and always will be.

If you have a belief that is otherwise, then I invite you to continue to test that assumption in your life.

You’ll see exactly where it takes you and I promise it shall not be as you hoped.

Barclay Littlewood
June 13, 2023
5 min read